Saturday, July 19, 2014

That’s a piece of cake. Music’s my life, and MTV’s my jam

MTV World Stage is back again as one of the biggest concert so far for the second half of 2014!!! I wanted to attend MTV Worldstage every year since it first started to have it's annual  world stage that back in June 2010,I started embarking on my twitter journey to keep myself updated on the news and excitement of it!

That's where all the madness begins.! I am a fan of music ! Like seriously,it helps me through my ups and downs and my love for music knows no boundaries. One minute I am screaming my lungs out for my all time favourite kpop band-Big Bang, and the next minute, I'm going 'i woke up like this' Beyonce lovin and melting over the lyrics to Ed Sheeran's songs.Also,I'm known amongst my friends as a concert junkie.I go on a maximum of 4 concerts a year and all this started when I was about 13 years old,my first concert was attending Mariah Carrey's Charmbracelet tour back in 2004!! That's where it all begin.The feeling of being able to hear your favourite songs live,the cheer and scream of the crowd,the energy and vibe you get from it,it's just something very magical.

One of the craziest things that I have done that would most probably be able to prove that I'll be the perfect MTV Insider for this year's world stage would be : A remind back to 2012. Big Bang was coming for their first ever world tour in Malaysia,being a diehard almost on my 6th year fandom,I bought myself rockzones tickets! BUT I subsequently realized that on the same day of the concert (21st Oct to be exact) at 1am (22nd oct) I was supposed to fly to Korea. This way planned way before I knew Big Bang was coming that I somehow got my vacation date and my concert date mixed up.

I was devastated..Friends and family told me to sell my concert tics and just go to Seoul.But I know,the moment that I put my tics up for sale I would cry.It's on my concert bucket list to attend a Big Bang concert.To see the perform my favourite songs live in front of me.

SO i did the craziest thing I could ever thought of, I went to the concert, missed out the encore session and left for the airport and flew to Seoul that midnight itself! It was raining quite heavily before the concert started and I almost gave up waiting for I was afraid I will get sick and it will end late. But my friend told me to wait for a bit more and 5 mins later,the rain stopped and the concert started.It was so surreal,I wanted to cry!

Almost before the encore,I had to leave,meeting my sis at the airport,she had helped me check in my bags.An awesome friend of mine offered to send me to the airport,and as soon as i reached,I changed my clothes and got onto the airport not long after. Still being in concert mode,coincidentally they were playing Big Bang's songs as we were waiting for the plane to take out. Me being in hyper mode,put my hands up and started singing to it.!

That's one of the craziest thing ever! I felt like a superstar in one way or another.It was definitely something that's still fresh on  my mind till today!

This time around, MTV is offering a chance for me to be able to experience all these crazy things all over again! Would I take it on as a challenge once again ? The answer would be a 110% yes! To be able to experience a-money-can't buy - experience is something I will happily and enthusiastically accept!

So,pick me MTV! You will definitely not regret it ever! The reasons?
- I'm a HUGE music lover of all genres of music korean,chinese,english - i'm all for it !

- I'm a concert junkie.I've experienced it first hand- how to survive queuing for the concert,during the concert,and post concerts.

- I love my social media network.I understand the needs and importance of getting updated on these big event-for I too have always been tracking up with all social media-before-during and after a concert and what not.

- I am good with my words ! (hopefully this blog posts is able to prove my writing skills)

- I also loveeeee talking and interacting with people. taking up a law degree course has thought me how to interact and socialize with people in the most awkward situations over the year!

-withs lots of love,and finger's crossed,peace out-